Monday, April 28, 2008

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

In Ireland... Zarb School of Business students have the opportunity to integrate their knowledge about international business/marketing/advertising with the real-life business environment in Ireland, the European Union's strongest economy. Through classroom studies with an emphasis on the host country and specific field experiences related to the subject taught, students gain valuable insights and perspectives that enhance and supplement their learning. Classes are held at the National University of Ireland in Galway and are taught by a Hofstra professor. In addition, students, listen to guest lecturers and participate in local trips, including visits to some of Ireland's best-known advertisement agencies. For further information about Zarb School in Ireland, please contact Dr. Charles McMellon, Department of Marketing and International Business, 223 Weller Hall, (516) 463-6450, or via email.

In the Netherlands ... Hofstra's Exchange Program With the University of Amsterdam ... Hofstra University and the Zarb School of Business offers students the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands to take classes either on a full-time basis during a regular semester or on a part-time basis during the summer at the University of Amsterdam. Students from the University of Amsterdam also benefit from this exchange program and may take courses at Hofstra. For more information about the School of Business' exchange program with the University of Amsterdam, please contact Professor Gioia Bales, Acting Assistant Dean, 308 Weller Hall, (516) 463-5703 or via email.

In the Netherlands ... Hofstra's Exchange Program With Erasmus University ...The Zarb School of Business in cooperation with Erasmus University offers an exchange program for graduate students majoring in finance. Under advisement, Zarb School students may register for courses offered as part of the Master in Financial Management program at Erasmus University and Erasmus students may register for courses in the Master of Science in Quantitative Finance program and other graduate finance courses at Hofstra. For further information about Hofstra's Exchange Program with Erasmus University, please contact the Department of Finance, 221 Weller Hall, (516) 463-5698 or via email.

The Netherlands-America Foundation offers many opportunities to Fullbright Fellows and educational loans for students enrolled in exchange programs. Please take a moment to review these funding opportunities at


In China ... The Zarb School's program in China offers Hofstra business students the opportunity to integrate their knowledge about international business/marketing by exposing them to the real-life business environment in China, the fastest-growing economy in the world. Students study international marketing in two stages: they attend three weeks of classes on Hofstra's campus where they learn about international marketing, and then they travel to China to experience the subject first hand and attend more lectures at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. Students visit businesses and learn about business practices in China. Local scholars and company personnel will give guest lectures to expose students to the local environment. For further information about the Zarb School in China, please contact Dr. Yong Zhang, Department of Marketing and International Business, 127 Weller Hall, (516) 463-5713, or via email.

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