Monday, July 28, 2008

Highlights from Recent Events

The following business-related events were sponsored by Hofstra University, the Zarb School, or another Hofstra entity.

March 2008

• March 5, 2008: The Provost Office and the Zarb School Sponsors: A Lecture on Diversity: Tales from the Front Line

Anne Erni

Anne Erni, chief diversity officer, Lehman Brothers

Anne Erni, chief diversity officer for Lehman Brothers, spoke to a full audience of Hofstra faculty, students and administrators on the important issue of diversity. Ms. Erni, who holds a master's degree in international relations from The Johns Hopkins University, joined Lehman Brothers in 1997 and is responsible for strategy for workforce, marketplace and supplier diversity. She is also in charge of diversity leadership training and education at Lehman. Ms. Erni is co-chair of the "Hidden Brain Drain," a task force that studies women leaving and reentering the workforce. In addition, she co-founded and co-chaired the company's women's network,"Women's Initiative Leading Lehman." Ms. Erni has been recognized as a "Woman Worth Watching" by Profiles in Diversity Journal and in 2006, she was named one of the 50 Best Women in Business in New Jersey. She also serves on several boards that share her commitment to the advancement of women and minorities in the workplace.

April 2008

• April 2, 2008: The Zarb School Sponsors: Executive Seminar: Operational Risk of Hedge Funds

Brian Ruane

Brian Ruane told the more than  125 students in attendance about the Bank's strong connection with their school. Brian is a member of the Dean's Advisory Board and Gerald Hasell, president of the Bank, serves on the advisory board of the Merrill Lynch Center. "We are committed to providing information that can help you, as future market participants, investors and fund managers, plan and prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead," Brian said.

Brian A. Ruane (M.B.A., '95), executive vice president, of The Bank of New York Mellon presented the white paper "The Operational Risk of Hedge Funds" at an executive speaker series event sponsored by the Zarb School's Merrill Lynch Center and Graduate Business Career Services. This is the second time the bank has chosen Hofstra to present the latest edition of their prestigious white paper series. (In March 2007, representatives of The Bank of New York Mellon presented another white paper titled "Institutional Demand for Hedge Funds Will Triple to $1 Trillion by 2010.") Mr. Ruane was joined by panelists Simon Fludgate, head of operational due diligence, AKSIA, LLC; Ephraim Lemberger, associate, Binham McCutchen LLP and Lisa M. Ambrosia, head of business development infrastructure, Perella Weinberg Partners LLP. The moderator for the event was Bob Bosse, vice president of The Bank of New York Mellon. Faculty, students and guests enjoyed a lively question and answer session following the event.

• April 24, 2008: The Zarb School and Breslin Center Sponsors: Subprime Markets: Crisis or Opportunity?

Participants at the sub-prime panel

Participants at the subprime panel; (front row) David Shapiro, John Miller, president, Board of Trustees, Hofstra University; Adam Ashcraft, Ph.D.; Andrew Spieler, Ph.D. and Lori S. Walsh, Ph.D. (top row) Peter J. Bianco; Clark L. Maxam, Ph.D.; Richard V. Guardino, Jr., executive dean, Wilbur F. Breslin Center for Real Estate Studies and Ehsan Nikbakht, Ph.D.

The Zarb School and Hofstra University's Wilbur F. Breslin Center for Real Estate Studies examined critical issues brought about by the collapse of the subprime mortgage market at their program Subprime Markets: Crisis or Opportunity? The event commenced with a dynamic keynote address by Adam Ashcraft, Ph.D., research officer at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Participants - which included faculty, students, administrators and local business professionals - next heard a distinguished panel of speakers discuss the subprime markets. These panelists included: Peter J. Bianco, principal, Stairway Capital; Clark L. Maxam, Ph.D., director of research, Braddock Financial Corporation; Ehsan Nikbakht, Ph.D., Hofstra professor of finance; David Shapiro, president and CEO, EARN Group and Lori S. Walsh, Ph.D., financial economist, Securities and Exchange Commission. Andrew Spieler, associate professor of finance, served as the moderator.

• April 28, 2008: The Zarb School Hosts: Goldman Sachs Networking Event

Colin Peters (B.B.A., '04) with Carissa Pelus

Colin Peters (B.B.A., '04) with Carissa Peluso, a recent B.B.A. graduate who will begin her career at Goldman in July

The Zarb School hosted a very successful alumni networking event for Goldman Sachs employees who are graduates of Hofstra University. Goldman has approximately 115 alumni employed at its company. For additional photographs of this event, visit:

April 30, 2008: The Zarb School Hosts: National Association of Black Accountants Dinner
Representatives of the National Association of Black Accountants at the Hofstra chapter's dinner

Representatives of the National Association of Black Accountants at the Hofstra chapter's dinner

The Zarb School’s chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) hosted its annual dinner at the Hofstra University Club. Students and alumni enjoyed a lovely evening as the chapter was recognized for its second-place finish in an inaugural case study competition jointly sponsored by NABA and Deloitte & Touche. Associate Professor Eugene Maccarrone, of the Legal Studies in Business Department, serves as the organization’s faculty adviser.

May 2008

• May 5, 2008: The Zarb School Hosts: The Merrill Lynch Center Executive Breakfast and Conference

Prof. George Papaioannou, director, Merrill Lynch Center (left) and Dean Sodano congratulate Richard Ketchum (middle) following his keynote address

Prof. George Papaioannou, director, Merrill Lynch Center (left) and Dean Sodano congratulate Richard Ketchum (in center) following his keynote address

Globalization of stock exchanges was the very important and timely topic discussed at the Merrill Lynch Center for the Study of International Financial Services and Markets annual spring conference. The conference was preceded by an executive breakfast where Richard G. Ketchum, CEO, NYSE Regulation, Inc. and non-executive chairman of FINRA, gave the keynote address. Faculty, students, alumni and local business professionals enjoyed Mr. Ketchum's very insightful talk titled "Reflections of a Regulator in Challenging Times." Three consecutive panel discussions followed the breakfast where stock exchange competition and consolidation, international listings and accounting and regulatory issues were discussed. At the conference luncheon, Andrew Karolyi, Ph.D., the Charles R. Webb professor of finance at Ohio State University, gave the keynote address. His provocative talk was titled "Is New York Really Losing Its Competitive Advantage in Global Capital Markets?"

For more information on the Merrill Lynch Center, visit:

• May 7, 2008: Graduate Business Career Services Sponsors: Executive Speaker Series – Jeffrey Spiegel, Lifetime Brands

Highlight Photo

Jeffrey Spiegel, chairman and CEO, Lifetime Brands

As part of its executive speaker series, the Zarb School's Graduate Business Career Services hosted Jeffrey Spiegel, chairman and CEO of Lifetime Brands. Lifetime Brands is a leading designer, developer and marketer of a broad range of nationally-branded consumer products used in the home. In his presentation, "How Innovations and Unexpected Changes Build Business." Mr. Spiegel told more than 90 Zarb graduate students and alumni of the changes that Lifetime Brands has experienced over the last eight years including the decision-making processes involved in the many worldwide company acquisitions he has spearheaded.

For more information on the Zarb School's Graduate Business Career Services, visit:

• May 22, 2008: Hofstra University Hosts Fourth Annual Alumni Networking Reception

Highlight Photo

Hofstra students Cindy Wu and Jongwon Cha with Dean Sodano at Lehman Brothers event

Highlight Photo

Joe Gregory (B.B.A., '74) with Bob Costas at Lehman Brothers event

Highlight Photo

Hofstra alumni Tim Dolan (B.B.A., '82) and Ken Bollinger (B.B.A., '93) at Lehman Brothers event

President Stuart Rabinowitz and Joe Gregory (B.B.A., '74) of Lehman Brothers and vice chair of Hofstra's Board of Trustees co-hosted the fourth annual Hofstra University Alumni Networking Reception at Lehman Brothers. Attended by more than 200 alumni, students and friends, participants gathered to network and enjoy presentations by Bob Costas, multiple Emmy Award-winning broadcaster and Mike Eruzione, captain of the 1980 Gold Medal-winning U.S. Olympic hockey team.

For additional photographs of this event, visit

June 2008

• June 13, 2008: The Business Development Center Hosts: Distinguished Lecture Series Breakfast: Tiffany & Co.: A Global Business

Highlight Photo

(front row) Richard V. Guardino, Jr. and James Quinn; (back row) Christine McInerney, partner, Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, P.C.; Arthur J. Kremer, Hofstra University trustee; President Stuart Rabinowitz; John Miller; Paul Salerno, managing partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Andrew Corrado, divisional senior vice president, Capital One Bank

James E. Quinn (B.A., '74), president of Tiffany & Co., was the keynote speaker at the Distinguished Lecture Series breakfast presented by the Scott Skodnek Business Development Center and co-hosted by President Stuart Rabinowitz and Richard V. Guardino, Jr., vice president for business development at Hofstra University. Mr. Quinn spoke to business leaders, faculty, administrators and students regarding the excitement and challenges that exist in global expansion. He was presented with a football jersey in remembrance of his days on the Hofstra football team.

Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, P.C., PricewaterhouseCoopers, Capital One Bank, the Industrial Development Agency of the Town of Hempstead and The Garden City Hotel are sponsors of the Distinguished Lecture Series. 

• June 18, 2008: The Wilbur F. Breslin Center for Real Estate Studies and The Institute of Real Estate at Hofstra University Hosts Second Annual Luncheon

Highlight Photo

Richard V. Guardino, Jr.;Herman Berliner, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs; Alan Eidler, president, The Institute of Real Estate; President Rabinowitz; Wilbur F. Breslin; Timothy Knight and Dean Sodano

The second annual luncheon of the Wilbur F. Breslin Center for Real Estate Studies and The Institute of Real Estate featured Timothy P. Knight, publisher, president and CEO of the Newsday Media Group as the keynote speaker. His talk was titled "Riding the Media Revolution in the Digital Age and Its Role in Shaping the Future of Real Estate and Our Economy."The mission of The Institute of Real Estate is to promote professionalism in the real estate industry and to become a trusted source for real estate education, mentoring, information and networking.

• June 19, 2008: The Zarb School and L.I.A. Hosts: The Future of Health Care Panel

Highlight Photo

"This panel brings together Long Island's premier business school and its largest business group to discuss a topic that has a major impact on the cost of doing business in our region and nationwide. The Zarb School of Business is happy to provide a forum where large corporations and small businesses can come together to discuss this and other important issues that affect Long Island's economy and our nation's business community."

The Zarb School and the Long Island Association co-hosted a panel discussion on "The Future of Health Care." The panel, which brought together our school and the largest Long Island business group, examined the current state of health care in the United States and discussed areas of concern for the business community. Dean Sodano, pictured at right, gave the opening remarks.


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