Monday, July 28, 2008

A Message from Dean Salvatore F. Sodano


The inaugural issue of the Frank G. Zarb School of Business e-Newsletter was greeted with an enthusiastic response. Widely distributed to more than 11,000 recipients, this newsletter updates students, faculty, alumni, business school deans, and professionals on the Zarb School's wealth of activities and accomplishments.

I'd like to take a few moments to review the exciting developments of the spring semester as we look ahead to another dynamic academic year at the Zarb School.

  • The success of our business school very much depends on the active support of our alumni. During my first two years as dean, I have traveled across the country to meet with many Zarb alumni. Their message to me was clear: They are interested in what is happening at the Zarb School, and they would like to help. In response, we took a look at how we can strengthen the network. It gives me great pleasure to announce that Edward G. Watson (M.B.A., '89) has graciously agreed to serve as president of the Zarb School Alumni Association, a cohesive and comprehensive group that will now represent all Zarb undergraduate, M.B.A. and E.M.B.A. alumni. It is of utmost important to this new organization to enhance the national reputation of the Zarb School and expand networking and professional development opportunities for our alumni and students.

    Ed comes well prepared to assume this leadership role: As the former worldwide head of capital markets and private client operations at Citigroup Global Markets Inc., he has a wealth of experience in financial services and has been a very supportive Zarb School alumnus. Ed shares his thoughts with fellow alumni in a letter (click on Message from the Zarb Alumni President). The Zarb School would like to thank Ed Fred (E.M.B.A., '02), Howard Kahn (M.B.A., '83) and Jason McKenna (B.B.A., '96), who previously headed the individual alumni associations and commend them for their leadership and dedication to their alma mater. Our sincere appreciation also goes out to Sally Anne Ballweg (B.S., '78; M.B.A., '83) and Larry Waldman (M.B.A., '74), who were instrumental in founding a Hofstra business alumni association. All these individuals continue to be active alumni.

  • Expanding networking opportunities for our alumni and students is a top priority. This semester, significant progress was made in this critical area. In April the Zarb School hosted a cocktail reception for approximately 115 Hofstra alumni currently employed at Goldman Sachs. Attended by a diverse group of Goldman professionals - from managing directors to Hofstra summer interns - the evening was a tremendous success. Other Zarb School alumni networking groups are in the formation stages at other financial institutions, including some of the major accounting firms where many Hofstra alumni are employed. More than 520 Hofstra alumni are among the ranks of the top eight accounting firms, and 76 of our new graduates were hired in 2007 alone.

    In May the Fourth Annual Hofstra University Alumni Networking Reception was held at Lehman Brothers. The event was hosted by Hofstra President Stuart Rabinowitz and Joe Gregory of Lehman Brothers, who is a Zarb School alumnus and vice chair of Hofstra's Board of Trustees. More than 200 alumni, friends and students gathered at the company's headquarters to network and hear remarks from renowned broadcaster Bob Costas and Mike Eruzione, captain of the 1980 Gold Medal-winning U.S. Olympic hockey team.

  • The achievements of Zarb students continue to be widely recognized outside the Hofstra community. This semester, our students placed in prestigious competitions sponsored by the New York Mercantile Exchange, the American Advertising Federation and the National Association of Black Accountants. In addition, a team of Zarb M.B.A. students competed against students from other top business schools in the New York Society of Security Analysts Investment Challenge. For a review of these accomplishments, as well as others, click on Accomplishments of our Students and Faculty.

  • The Zarb faculty continues their commitment to excellence in scholarly research. At the 2008 Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Meeting, professors and graduate students from our Information Technology and Management Departments won three of the four Best Paper Awards out of more than 150 entries. Their accomplishments are reviewed in Accomplishments of our Students and Faculty.

  • Despite the challenges presented by a difficult job market, our graduating students continue to secure enviable positions in business. These youngest alumni are an important resource to our school, and we have highlighted their viewpoints. (Click on Newest Zarb Alumni Speak Out).

  • The Zarb School, through our Career Services, Merrill Lynch Center and the University's Breslin Center for Real Estate Studies, among others, continues to attract leading academics and business leaders to our campus, enlightening our students, faculty and guests on topics of crucial significance to the global business community. These events, including the Merrill Lynch Center's conference "Stock Exchange Competition and International Listings" and the Breslin Center's conference "Subprime Markets: Crisis or Opportunity?" are reviewed in Highlights from Recent Events. The important topic of diversity was also addressed at Hofstra University at a lecture given by Anne Erni, chief diversity officer at Lehman Brothers. In June the Zarb School co-hosted a panel on The Future of Health Care with the Long Island Association.

  • The fall 2008 semester will be especially exciting at Hofstra, as our university hosts the third and final presidential debate. As part of the University's Educate '08 series, a yearlong, comprehensive program of conferences, events and lectures tied to the presidential election, the Zarb School will present a panel titled "Economic Issues Facing the Presidency" featuring former U.S. Treasury Secretaries Paul O'Neill and Robert Rubin. Floyd Norris, chief financial correspondent of The New York Times and The International Herald Tribune, will act as moderator of the discussion. As with all Educate '08 events, there will a student question and answer session as part of the program.

Thank you for your interest in the Zarb School of Business. We continue to welcome comments and suggestions on all our endeavors, including this e-newsletter.


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