Monday, July 28, 2008

A Message from the Zarb Alumni President

Ed Watson

Edward G. Watson (M.B.A., '89)

Dear Fellow Graduates:

I am extremely honored and humbled to represent you and the 30,000 alumni worldwide as president of the newly reorganized Zarb School of Business Alumni Association. I am committed to establishing an exceptional alumni group that can be beneficial to our graduates and provide a network for career advancement, educational forums on topical business issues, and social opportunities. This organization can also assist our alma mater by offering internships and entry-level positions to students; establishing a career-based mentoring system where alumni can provide guidance; serving as a sounding board for practical curriculum advisement; and leading the way for fund-raising initiatives.

We are in the process of forming an ambitious agenda for the months ahead and need your help. Below is a list of committees that we have formed. Please consider joining one of these groups and becoming active in your alma mater by contacting Stacey Goldyn-Moller, director of alumni programs, via e-mail.

  • Career Networking and Advisement Committee - Strategize, plan and implement both alumni/alumni and alumni/student networking and mentor activities.

  • Leadership Committee - Network, identify and reach out to potential Zarb alumni leaders.

  • Fund-Raising and Scholarship Committee - Strategize, plan and implement activities that will raise funds to benefit the Zarb School of Business and its scholarships.

  • Communications Committee - Create, plan and implement innovative ways to reach out to Zarb alumni and students.

  • Events and Regional Planning Committee - Plan and implement social- and career-based activities for alumni both within and beyond the local region.

Dean Sodano has assembled an exceptional team committed to making this association a success. These individuals are dedicated to advancing the overall mission of the Zarb School. Their names and affiliations appear below, and they welcome your suggestions (click on name to email). I encourage you to become involved and help me make the Zarb School one of the premier institutions of business education in the country.

  • Gioia Bales, Acting Assistant Dean, Zarb School

  • Fred Burke, Executive Director of Career Services, The Career Center

  • Barbara Church-Kattan, Director of Graduate Business Career Services, The Career Center

  • Stacey Goldyn-Moller, Director of Alumni Relations, Office for Development and Alumni Affairs

  • Lis Rerecich, Administrative Assistant, Office for Development and Alumni Affairs

  • Ben Vogt, Senior Director for Major Gifts, Office for Development and Alumni Affairs

This is our alumni association, and our success depends on your participation. With your help, I believe that this group can offer tremendous opportunities to all Zarb School graduates and will ultimately benefit our alma mater.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to meeting you in the near future.


Ed Watson

(M.B.A., '89)


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