Monday, July 28, 2008

Newest Zarb Alumni Speak Out

Carissa Peluso

Professor Ahmet Karagozoglu, academic director, Martin B. Greenberg Trading Room, with Carissa Peluso (B.B.A., Finance, 2008)

"Hofstra's strong alumni network helps open up many doors for students who take advantage of this network. Hofstra alumni whom I have met out in the work force are more than willing to give advice, encouragement and support to students who reach out to them."

In July Carissa will begin training as a first-year analyst at Goldman Sachs & Co. in its fixed income, currency and commodities unit.

Erin Veltman

Erin Veltman (B.B.A., Legal Studies in Business, 2008)

"Zarb students represent an elite group of young individuals whose innovation and ambition are superior. The faculty and staff are of the highest caliber and are truly a testament to the school's ongoing academic achievements. And we are lucky enough to have a dean whose vision and drive continues to enhance the reputation of our alma mater. With all the school's wonderful resources – the students, faculty and staff -–it is inevitable that the Zarb School of Business will soon be an unstoppable force among the nation's most renowned institutions."

Erin is planning to pursue a graduate degree at Hofstra in the fall.

Christopher M. Mayo

Christopher M. Mayo (B.B.A., Marketing, 2007)

"My experiences as an undergrad at the Frank G. Zarb School of Business have been priceless, to say the least. My professors always found a way to challenge my knowledge and further prepare me for the business world. I often find myself footsteps ahead of the pack because of what I have learned at Hofstra."

Chris works as an analyst at Wells Fargo Business Credit.

Felisha Fret

Felisha Fret (B.B.A., Accounting, 2008)

"I believe that my success as an accounting student at Hofstra University is a direct result of Hofstra's exemplary faculty. As students, we are extremely lucky to have professors who do not measure their success by the number of designations that follow their name or by the number of publications they have. They measure their success by the success and achievements of their students. They see a world of opportunities for which there are no limitations. They encourage us to take advantage of those endless opportunities and challenge us to go beyond our comfort zones so that we may see our potential. As I conclude my academic career, I feel that my professors have supplied me with both the academic and professional tools that I need to succeed beyond Hofstra University. It has been an honor and privilege to have been taught by such fine educators, especially Dr. Anthony Basile, Professor Harold Finkelstein, Professor Robert Katz and Professor Neil Katz. With their continued support and encouragement, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and realize my full potential at Hofstra."

Felisha Fret was president of the Delta Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi. She will join Deloitte & Touche LLP in the fall as a first-year staff auditor.


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