Monday, July 28, 2008

Zarb Alumnus Supports His Alma Mater

Jim Wenk

Jim Wenk (M.B.A., '04)

Jim Wenk (M.B.A., '04) recently contributed to the Zarb School. We are pleased to share his thoughts below.

"I recently decided to make a financial contribution to the Frank G. Zarb School of Business. I am committed to raising the profile of the school in the New York region and share the sense of camaraderie among longtime alumni and current students. With the new leadership of Salvatore Sodano, I have observed the creation and execution of a significant marketing and branding effort and aggressive outreach to the alumni community. I am excited to assist Sal's team in expanding its network of Zarb School contacts and communicating the need for alumni support of the school, both financially and by assisting current students and recent graduates with internships and employment opportunities. With the recent opening of the state-of-the-art Martin B. Greenberg Trading Room and the University hosting the final presidential debate in October 2008, I am proud to say I am a contributor to the Zarb School and look forward to assisting in its continued success."

Please consider making a gift to support your alma mater. You can make a contribution online at:

Under the section - Your Gift Designation - please mark school and select the Zarb School of Business. This way the amount donated will go directly to the business school. Many employers will match your charitable donations. To see if your company participates in matching gifts, please visit


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