Monday, July 28, 2008

Zarb Students Study in China

Study in China

Zarb students at The Great Wall of China with Prof. Yong Zhang (front row; 1st on right)

The Zarb School's study abroad program in China offers Hofstra business students the opportunity to integrate their knowledge about international business and marketing by exposing them to the business environment in China. Students study international marketing in two stages: they attend three weeks of classes on Hofstra's campus, and then they travel to China to experience the subject first hand. This summer's program ran from May 21-June 24, 2008.

David DePoister, a Hofstra M.B.A. student with a dual major in finance and marketing, participated in the program. He shares his thoughts below.

For information regarding other Zarb study abroad programs, visit our Study Abroad page.

"The trip to China during Summer Session I was an amazing educational experience and the knowledge that I gained from this trip will undoubtedly help me throughout my career. Thirteen students, six graduate and seven undergraduate, accompanied Dr. Yong Zhang, associate professor of marketing and international business, to Beijing and Shanghai. Most notably, we climbed The Great Wall, walked around Tiananmen Square and visited the Forbidden City. While in Beijing, we stayed at The University of International Business and Economics, one of the more prestigious universities in China. Unfortunately for them, the students at UIBE were still in session; however, fortunate for us the campus was alive and we were able to fully experience a foreign university.

Staying in Beijing and, in particular, visiting The Great Wall and Tiananmen Square was a surreal experience. I always wanted to visit The Great Wall and I vividly remember the 1989 massacre in Tiananmen Square.

I specifically want to comment on the extraordinary guidance and leadership that Dr. Zhang provided. My knowledge and understanding of international business and marketing was broadened by his insights and instruction. He was the key to the success of the program."

David C. DePoister, Jr.

(M.B.A., '09)


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