Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Accomplishments of Our Students and Faculty

Hofstra Quants & Traders
Members of Hofstra Quants & Traders with President Rabinowitz, Dean Sodano and Prof. Karagozoglu at the NASDAQ.

The Global Association of Risk Professionals Establish Chapter at Hofstra University

In August 2008, the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), the leading professional association dedicated to the advancement of the risk profession, announced the establishment of a new college chapter at Hofstra University. Dr. Ahmet K. Karagozoglu was appointed college chapter director and Hofstra Quants & Traders (HQT) will be the main student organization sponsor, which Dr. Karagozoglu is also the adviser. This dual role will allow him to promote GARP and risk management much more efficiently among Zarb students. GARP currently has only eight college chapters in five countries. More than 78,000 risk management practitioners and researchers are members, representing banks, investment management firms, government agencies, academic institutions, and corporations from more than 167 countries worldwide.

Hofstra Business Consulting Group
Heather Clemons (M.B.A. '10), deputy director, Hofstra Business Consulting Group

The Hofstra Business Consulting Group Continues to Gain Praise

Since its origins in 1988, the Hofstra Business Consulting Group (HBCG) has grown to become a powerful source of strategic consulting for growing businesses in the New York metropolitan area. HBCG consultants are M.B.A. and J.D./M.B.A. candidates with related work experience. The group provides a wide range of business consulting services in accounting, information technology, finance, marketing, management, and international business. The HBCG has built a reputation within the Long Island business community for providing quality business consulting services to its clients: Growing enterprises benefit from cost-effective, efficient, quality business consulting services. Previous clients have included, among others: Chase; Chubb & Son; Long Island College Hospital; and the Government of Nassau County. Consultants believe the HBCG is a distinguishing feature of the Zarb M.B.A. program and is a considering factor when applying for admission. In fact, competition for consulting positions was especially strong this year. More than 40 Zarb graduate students applied for six available consulting positions.

Dr. Shawn Thelen
Dr. Shawn Thelen

Zarb Professor Shawn Thelen Publishes Article on Outsourcing

Dr. Shawn Thelen, associate professor of marketing and international business, published "Offshoring of Services: What Country Are You In?" in the Spring 2008 edition of Hofstra Horizons, a publication by the Office for Research and Sponsored Programs that features articles on research and creative activities conducted by Hofstra faculty. Dr. Thelen and his colleagues have focused on consumer sentiments toward offshoring, an area that has received scant attention in the research. Dr. Thelen contends that it is crucial for companies to understand exactly how domestic customers will react when they find out services are being offshored. Dr. Thelen has several research projects underway that address these issues, and has collaborated with Boonghee Yoo, Ph.D. (also of the Zarb School); Vincent P. Magnini, Ph.D. (Virginia Technical University); Earl Honeycutt, Ph.D. (Elon University's Love School of Business); Tatyana Thelen (consultant); and Thomas P. Murphy (alumnus of the Zarb School).

Robyn Brouer
Dr. Robyn Brouer

Zarb Professor Robyn Brouer Wins Award for Recent Paper

Dr. Robyn Brouer, assistant professor of management, entrepreneurship and general business, recently received a Literati Highly Commended Award from Emerald Publishing for her article, "When Person-Organization (Mis)fit and (Dis)satisfaction Lead to Turnover: The Moderating Role of Perceived Job Mobility." Every year Emerald Publishing invites the editors of the Journal of Managerial Psychology - many of whom are eminent academics or managers - to nominate one Outstanding Paper and up to three Highly Commended Papers published in their journal from the previous year. The other authors honored included A.R. Wheeler, V.C. Gallagher and C.J. Sablynski.

Natasha Puri and Adam Katz
Vice Dean Anil Mathur and Natasha Puri (B.B.A. '13)

First-Year Zarb Students Win Camp Business Awards

Two Hofstra first-year students, Natasha Puri and Adam Katz, received $500 gift certificates to the Hofstra University Bookstore, after attending Camp Business during high school and, subsequently, enrolling in the Zarb School. In summer 2007, the Zarb School, Continuing Education, and the Business Development Center, in conjunction with TD/Commerce Bank, presented the first "Camp Business - A Competitive and Fun Introduction to Business." This two-week summer program gave high school sophomores and juniors a rigorous and realistic introduction to business. The focus was on entrepreneurial studies and demonstrated the challenges of starting a business.

Dr. Elaine Sherman
Dr. Elaine Sherman

Zarb Professor Marks 20th Year Conducting News 12 Polls

Since 1988, Dr. Elaine Sherman, Zarb professor of marketing and international business, has supervised the Hofstra/News 12 public opinion polls. These polls provide News12 viewers a regular source of information about their own attitudes on issues important to them and their region. Moreover, the polls provide data for decision makers and other individuals interested in planning for the future of Long Island. These polls serve to enhance the image of both Hofstra University and News 12 as innovative providers of timely insights on Long Island. The results are broadcast to a potential audience of more than 2 million viewers. Poll results have also been reported by other television stations such as ABC and NBC and by newspapers such as The New York Times and Newsday. Five telephone polls are conducted each year, using Hofstra-trained student interviewers. There are at least 420 completed responses for each poll, with the interviewers calling every zip code in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Recent topics have included holiday shopping, computers and the Internet, financial security perceptions and spending, buying products made in foreign countries, and the 2008 presidential election and the economy.

Dr. Andrew Spieler
Dr. Andrew Spieler

Finance Professor Andrew Spieler Interviewed by real estate

An interview with Dr. Andrew C. Spieler, associate professor of finance, was published in the November/December 2008 edition of real estate Dr. Spieler was asked about his recent research on the REITs market, especially his finding that analyst coverage increases REIT value. Dr. Spieler and his colleagues - who studied analyst activity at 247 equity, mortgage and hybrid REITs from 1985 to 2004 - attributed heightened REIT value with publicly-distributed earnings forecasts from sell-side analysts.

Barbara Church-Kattan
Barbara Church-Kattan

Barbara Church-Kattan, Director of Graduate Business Career Services, Organizes Work/Life Conference

Barbara Church-Kattan was a member of the corporate planning committee for the "13th Annual National Association of Mother's Centers Work/Life Conference: Sustaining Business, Family & Life on Long Island" that took place at the Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, New York, on November 7, 2008. More than 250 participants attended, representing human resources managers, corporate executives and employers from diverse industries throughout the New York metropolitan area. Sustaining business and employer best practices during these difficult economic times was the primary focus of the conference.

Barbara is also on the planning committee for the upcoming Hofstra University Continuing Education's "Women in Career Transition: Possibilities, Opportunities and Strategies Conference," scheduled for Saturday, March 7, 2009. Women of all ages are invited to attend this informative and motivational conference for developing action plans for the next phase of your working life. Visit for registration information and conference details.


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