Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Undergraduates Speak Out: What Makes the Zarb School Unique?


"The Zarb School of Business is unique because of its professors. The professors here are extremely intelligent, helpful and friendly, making the student's learning experience enjoyable and valuable."

Marisa Ikeda-Iyeki

Senior, Finance Major

Zachary Pilz

"The challenging academic competitions the Zarb Business School participates in - such as the accounting case study competitions - provides students with real-life quandaries that give them an edge in such a competitive job market. Students are able to differentiate themselves from others due to a great learning experience provided by top-flight professors."

Zachary Pilz

Junior, Accounting Major

Annie Harwani

"The Zarb School is unique in not only having stellar, well-connected faculty, but also the fact that they are there for their students every step of the way. The faculty are engaging in class and provide students with many opportunities for extra help with everything from class-related issues to career guidance. The Zarb School also provides students with many opportunities to expand their horizons, including research assistant positions, industry speakers and internships."

Annie Harwani

Senior, Marketing/International Business Major

Jennie Kaplan

"The Zarb School of Business offers small classes so students have a better chance of developing personal bonds with their professors. The professors take time out to e-mail their students about internship opportunities, and are always keeping our best interests at heart."

Jennie Kaplan

Junior, Marketing/Legal Studies in Business Major




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