Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Zarb New Full-Time Day M.B.A. Program Off to an Impressive Start

Full-Time Day M.B.A. Program Photos
l to r: Full-time day M.B.A. students enjoy their visit to New York's financial district; Full-time day M.B.A. students assemble outside C.V. Starr Hall; Zarb graduate students investigate the many student organizations at the Fall 2008 Welcome Reception.

The new full-time day M.B.A. program, geared especially toward high-performing students, has gotten off to an excellent start. Thirty-two students, representing seven countries, began the program this semester. Their credentials are impressive, with an average GPA of 3.2 and average GMAT score of 620. Strong bonds have already formed between these students due to the many social, educational and career-centered programs that are integral to their curriculum. Graduate Business Career Services has introduced an innovative Career Management Program. Each semester, students must attend programs to address four components of career management: career goals; resume writing; networking; and interviewing. In spring 2009, an exciting component will be added - The Executive Mentorship Program - which will be a joint effort between Graduate Business Career Services and Zarb alumni.

There are many opportunities for new graduate business students to become involved. More than 70 Zarb M.B.A./M.S. students attended the "Fall 2008 Welcome Reception for New Students," an interactive networking event with faculty and second-year students. New students were introduced to the 12 graduate business student organizations, all of which contribute greatly to the Zarb experience.

Thinking About Pursing Full-Time Graduate Studies?

Consider the Zarb M.B.A. Program!

The Zarb M.B.A. program provides students with an integrative curriculum that enhances their skills across the business disciplines, while enabling them to take several advanced courses in an area of concentration, such as accounting, finance, information technology, international business, management, marketing, and others. The program has many benefits, including:

  • Scholarship support for those with high GPA and GMAT scores. An anonymous donor has provided significant funding for students in this program.

  • An "honors scholar" designation for outstanding students.

  • A cohort learning environment with strong class affiliation.

  • Excellent, personalized career support services, including a mandatory Career Management Program.

  • Enhanced student advisement services outside the classroom.

  • Accessible, student-focused faculty.

  • Location right outside of New York City.

  • State-of-the-art facilities, including the Martin B. Greenberg Trading Room.

  • Many networking and speaker events, featuring leaders from business, academia and government.

For information regarding the Zarb full-time day M.B.A. program contact Dr. Chuck McMellon at 516-463-6450 or by email. If you are interested in other Zarb graduate programs, contact Jeffrey Mon at 516-463-5238 or by email.


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