Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Alumni Profile: Andrew F. Corrado, M.B.A. ‘92

Andrew F. Corrado, M.B.A. '92, is the market president for Capital One Bank in Nassau County, New York

Andrew F. Corrado
Andrew F. Corrado, M.B.A. '92

What is your role at Capital One Bank?

As a Capital One Bank executive in Nassau County, I handle the bank’s community resources and activities designed to help meet the needs of the local Nassau County community including philanthropy, volunteerism and community banking products and services.

Why did you decide to help establish the Capital One Campus Entrepreneurship Challenge at Hofstra University?

As local bankers, we have a responsibility to help lead and create change in the markets we live and work in. This unique partnership gives us the opportunity to promote entrepreneurship at both the high school and college level. Partnerships that make a difference to our youth, the families that reside here, and the communities across Long Island are so important to our future.

What do you hope this program will accomplish?

The opportunity to change and improve the current state of Long Island and to forever impact the lives of these students by virtue of the decisions they make going forward in life.

Would you say you have an entrepreneurial spirit?

Yes, as a senior vice president and market president at Capital One Bank, every day seems entrepreneurial As a banker, I have the great opportunity to work with local businesses, and build client relationships.

Why did you feel it necessary to get an MBA?

The competition in the job market was intense and this was an opportunity to differentiate myself even further. I had a real thirst for knowledge.

What are some of your best memories at the Zarb School?

Learning from the real life experiences of professors who were more than just instructors. Many were business people with the ability to relate to real life work environments.

Do you participate in the Zarb Alumni Association?

Yes, I sit on the alumni council and I am the co-vice president for leadership and recruitment.

How did you become involved with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Long Island?

Back in 1990, I was an associate at the Long Island Savings Bank and one of their executives asked if I would participate in a bowl-a-thon in support of Big Brother and Big Sisters of Long Island. Going there that day and meeting the kids made me realize just how fortunate I was. From that day forward, I vowed to make a difference for these children and I haven't stopped since.

Mr. Corrado also serves as treasurer on the Board of Directors for the Maurer Foundation for Breast Health Education. In 2008, Mr. Corrado received the Thurman Munson Corporate Hero Award for his business leadership and his charitable and philanthropic work within the local community.


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