Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Zarb School Offers Exciting New Study Abroad Opportunities

Hofstra in Budapest

The Hofstra in Budapest Program offers students the opportunity to utilize their classroom knowledge of international business and marketing in a business environment in a rapidly growing region of the world. Through field experiences, students gain valuable insights and perspectives that enhance and supplement their learning at Hofstra University. Excursions take students to sites related to the culture and methods of conducting business in Hungary. Undergraduate students enroll in Introduction to International Business (IB 150); graduate students, in International Marketing (MKT 220). Students attend classes on the Hofstra campus for three weeks prior to their trip to Budapest. For students who may have taken these courses, tutorials will also be offered. Accommodations are at a four-star hotel located on the Buda side of Budapest.
For more information regarding the Hofstra in Budapest Program, contact Professor Rick T. Wilson, Department of Marketing and International Business, at (516) 463-5175 or

Hofstra Accounting 
in Rome Insert Poster

Hofstra Accounting in Rome

The Hofstra Accounting in Rome Program allows business, especially accounting, students entering their junior year to have a meaningful study abroad opportunity while keeping up with the sequence of courses in their major. Students take two courses during a five-week summer session that includes Financial Accounting Theory and Practice I (ACCT 123), required for all accounting majors and sometimes taken by finance students. This course is taught by a Hofstra accounting professor. For their second course, students may take any summer course offered by John Cabot University, a Middle States-accredited college located in Rome. All John Cabot University courses are taught in English. Students live in apartments in Rome and participate in trips and excursions that John Cabot University makes available to all visiting summer students.
For more information regarding the Hofstra Accounting in Rome Program, contact Professor Daniel Tinkelman, Department of Accounting, Taxation and Legal Studies in Business, at (516) 463-6993 or

For a complete listing of Zarb study abroad programs visit:


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