Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Frank G. Zarb to Team Teach M.B.A. Class at the Zarb School

Frank G. Zarb

The Finance Department has proposed a new graduate-level course – Financial Crises and Public Policy – to be offered during the spring 2011 semester. The course, which will examine the history of economic crises and financial bubbles primarily in the United States and the public policy responses to manage them, will be taught by Frank G. Zarb, chairman of Frank Zarb Associates, LLC; Salvatore Sodano, senior executive adviser to Hofstra President Stuart Rabinowitz and former dean of the Zarb School; and Dr. Anoop Rai, Hofstra professor of finance. Previously, Mr. Zarb served as chief executive officer of the National Association of Securities Dealers and chief executive officer of the NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc. Mr. Zarb was also chairman, chief executive officer and president of Alexander & Alexander Services, Inc.; vice chairman and group chief executive of The Travelers, Inc.; and chairman and chief executive officer of Smith Barney. Before joining Smith Barney, Mr. Zarb was a senior partner at Lazard Freres & Co. Mr. Sodano is former head of the American Stock Exchange and vice chairman of the National Association of Securities Dealers.

This course will give Zarb graduate students an unprecedented opportunity to learn from two Wall Street icons while gaining knowledge and insight from a senior-level professor with an extensive publishing record. The course will include presentations by other experienced finance professionals and governmental officials. Mr. Zarb will also draw upon his vast experience in public service, which includes assignments in the Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton administrations.


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