Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Message From Dean Patrick J. Socci

As I begin my new role as dean of the Zarb School of Business, I am energized by the students, faculty, administration and staff. Not only does our school have a tradition of excellence, but it is committed to continual improvement. In one day, I already participated in three meetings – all dealing with how to best meet the needs of our students in a turbulent and uncertain world. The Zarb School of Business is committed to serving its students, while shaping the business community to solve today’s pressing issues.

As I evaluate the Zarb School’s resources, I must acknowledge the dedication of the Hofstra community. The administration and staff are energetic and tireless in their commitment to the school. They are acutely focused on its future and support the academic community in its drive toward greater prominence. The faculty are equally dedicated to advancing the University’s mission and achieving greater recognition. Their commitment to research is evident by the numerous publications and the many awards they have garnered at national and international conferences. As we explore new methods to deliver courses and knowledge, the faculty have been at the forefront of discussions and are poised to transition the school to the next generation. As you read this newsletter, the accomplishments of the Zarb School amplify the dedication and accomplishments of the faculty.

Of course, students are our prime concern. As I meet the students, I cannot help but swell with pride at their development. During the next year, please try to attend some of our functions. The students will amaze you with their knowledge and business sense, and their energy is infectious!

I would be remiss if I did not call attention to the excellent foundation laid by Salvatore Sodano. As a business leader, Zarb School alumnus, Hofstra trustee and dean, he served the University with exceptional skill and foresight. Thank you, Sal, for all that you have done and will continue to do for Hofstra University.


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