Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zarb School Commits to Social Responsibility

Zarb's Team M.B.A. Work to Improve Their Community

Team M.B.A.
Zarb's Team M.B.A. at California Avenue Elementary School

In April, as part of Team M.B.A. month, Zarb students and administrators participated in a playground renovation at the California Avenue Elementary School in Uniondale. Students solicited local businesses, including Sherman-Williams and Target, to donate their products and services. Team M.B.A. month is sponsored by the Graduate Management Admissions Council and is intended to allow business students to do work that demonstrates social responsibility and a commitment to their local communities.

Zarb Graduate Students Form Corporate Social Responsibility Association

The Zarb Corporate Social Responsibility Association (CSRA) was formed in spring 2009 to facilitate awareness of and participation in sustainability issues and social responsibility of business organizations. The mission of the Zarb CSRA is to enhance Zarb graduate business students’ knowledge and experience with socially conscious business practices by offering discussion forums with area business leaders, providing hands-on practice through volunteering services to meet community needs, and demonstrating the philosophy of corporate giving by assisting organizations in their intention to support the environment and community.

Local High School Students Compete in the Second Annual Commodities Trading Competition at Hofstra

On January 16, 2009, students from several Long Island high schools competed in the second annual Hofstra-Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group Commodities Challenge for High Schools, an innovative program designed by Hofstra University and the CME Group to introduce high school students to the intriguing world of commodities markets and their impact on the economy and investments.  Participating high school students learned about the purpose and functioning of commodities futures markets and newer electronic trading systems and traditional “open outcry” trading. Participants also learned the function of commodities markets from Zarb’s finance professors and professionals of CME Group. Dr. Nancy White, chairperson of the Department of Finance and associate professor of finance, Dr. Ahmet Karagozoglu, associate professor of finance, and John Lemkan, client management training services for CME Group, discussed the economics of trading in financial markets as well as market terminology, contracts, trading, investments and the impact of commodities on the overall economy. The competition took place in Hofstra’s Martin B. Greenberg Trading Room, a technologically enhanced facility featuring 34 dual-panel Bloomberg terminals.

Campus Entrepreneurial Challenge: A Program for Zarb Undergraduates and Uniondale High School Students Sponsored by Capital One

To enhance the all-important entrepreneurial skills of high school and undergraduate students, the Zarb School – through the generous support of Capital One – introduced the Campus Entrepreneurial Challenge. In fall 2009, teams will be formed consisting of both students from the Zarb School and Uniondale High School. Each team will be given seed money to launch, run and grow a business over the course of the academic year. In May 2010, each team will present their “annual report” and will be judged on the success of their enterprise.

B.B.A. Student Peter Carmen Presents “Into Africa: Microfinancing in a Zambian Refugee Camp"

Peter Carmen
Peter Carmen and Dean Bales

On April 22, 2009 Peter Carmen, a Zarb Honors College student, spent his sophomore year working with FORGE, a U.S.-based, nonprofit organization that serves displaced refugee communities in Africa. He discussed his experiences with Hofstra students, faculty and administrators of co-founding and directing a microfinance program that distributed loans to hundreds of refugees, empowering these individuals to use entrepreneurship to escape extreme poverty. The program also provided savings accounts and business education programs.


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