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Zarb Faculty and Student Accomplishments

Faculty Accomplishments

Dr. Barry Berman of the Marketing and International Business Department Publishes Two Books

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Dr. Barry Berman

Dr. Barry Berman

Dr. Barry Berman, The Walter “Bud” Miller Distinguished Professor in Business, published two new books on marketing this year. Competing in Tough Times: Business Lessons from L.L. Bean, Trader Joe’s, Costco and Other World-Class Retailers, was published by the Financial Times Press, New York. Shelby D. Hunt’s Contributions to Scholarship in Marketing Channels will be published in Legends in Marketing: Shelby D. Hunt, Channels of Distribution Series by Sage Publications, New Delhi, later this year.

Dr. Elaine Winston of the IT/QM Department Lectures About Electronic Medical Records

Dr. Elaine Winston
Dr. Elaine Winston

On January 19, 2011, Dr. Elaine Winston, associate professor of information technology and quantitative methods (IT/QM), gave “Grand Rounds” at Forest Hills Hospital, North Shore-LIJ Health System. The title of her lecture was “Is the Doctor In? Exploring the Adoption and Risk of Electronic Medical Records.” The audience included resident and attending physicians. 

Dr. David Flynn of the Management, Entrepreneurship and General Business Department Participates in International Symposium in Japan

Dr. David Flynn, seated third from the right
Dr. David Flynn, seated third from the right

Dr. David Flynn, professor of management, was one of eight academics and industry senior officials invited to participate in Post-Kyoto Climate Change Policies: Current Status and Perspectives, an international symposium held at the College of International Relations, Nihon University, Mishima, Japan, in November 2010. His paper, “Sustainable Development, Climate Change, and Natural Resource Scarcity,” was delivered in English and simultaneously translated into Japanese for a mixed western and Japanese audience.

Dr. Matthew Sonfield of the Management, Entrepreneurship and General Business Department Wins Emerald Literati Network 2010 Award for Excellence

Dr. Matthew Sonfield
Dr. Matthew Sonfield

Dr. Matthew Sonfield’s paper “Family-member and non-family-member managers in family businesses,” published in Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development was chosen as a Highly Commended Paper at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2010. Dr Sonfield, the Robert F. Dall Distinguished Professor in Business, publishes extensively on entrepreneurship and small business, with a recent focus on family and minority businesses.

Dr. Boonghee Yoo of the Marketing and International Business Department Receives 2010 Best Paper of the Year Award

Dr. Boonghee Yoo
Dr. Boonghee Yoo

The 2010 Best Paper of the Year Award in the Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics was awarded to Dr. Boonghee Yoo, associate professor of marketing and international business. His paper was titled “Cross-National Invariance of the Effect of Personal Collectivistic Orientation on Brand Loyalty and Equity: The United States versus South Korean Consumers.”

Dr. Debra Comer of the Management, Entrepreneurship and General Business Department Publishes Innovative Book on Moral Courage

Dr. Debra Comer
Dr. Debra Comer

Moral Courage in Organizations: Doing the Right Thing at Work, edited by Dr. Debra Comer, professor of management, entrepreneurship and general business, and Gina Vega underscores the ethical pitfalls that one can expect to encounter at work and enhances one's ability to do the right thing, despite these organizational pitfalls. The book highlights the effects of organizational factors on ethical behavior; illustrates exemplary moral courage and lapses of moral courage; explores the skills and information that support those who act with moral courage; and considers how to change organizations to promote moral courage, as well as how to exercise moral courage to change organizations. This book is a potent tool to foster more ethical organizational behavior by giving readers guidelines for moral courage.

Dr. Jiyun Wei of the Management, Entrepreneurship and General Business Department Receives Best Paper Award
Dr. Jiyun Wei
Dr. Jiyun Wei

In December 2010, Dr. Jiyun Wei of the Management, Entrepreneurship and General Business Department, was awarded the Journal of Happiness Studies (JHS) Best Paper Award 2009 by the International Society for Quality of Life Studies & Springer Publishers for her paper “The pleasant life, the engaged life, and the meaningful life: What about the balanced life?” published in Journal of Happiness Studies (10), 2: 183-196.

Dr. Andrew Spieler of the Department of Finance Participates in Catalyst Financial Partners Forum

Dr. Andrew Spieler
Dr. Andrew Spieler

In October 2010, Dr. Andrew Spieler, associate professor of finance, participated in the Asset Allocation Forum in Alternatives 2010 sponsored by Catalyst. He moderated the panel “Asset and Liability Management for Different Investors and the Role of Alternatives,” which addressed such issues as investment return management for endowments, family offices, and pension funds: short term vs. long term goals; if Alpha in alternatives can replace the returns of successful but maturing industrial families; and who can deliver persistent alpha. Dr. Spieler is chairman of the Derivatives Committee of NYSSA.

Vice Dean Esmeralda Lyn Presents at Columbia University Conference on Social Responsibility

Dr. Esmeralda Lyn
Dr. Esmeralda Lyn

Vice Dean Esmeralda Lyn served as a panelist at the TopMBA Career Conference held at Columbia University on September 24, 2010.  It was a one-day meeting for business leaders and business schools. The conference was designed to explore the role of business schools and employers in developing socially responsible leaders.  Discussions centered around how recruiters and corporate leaders can most effectively work with career services and academics to develop and recruit top talent, who are now increasingly making corporate social responsibility a deciding factor in their career choices. 

Dr. Shawn Thelen of the Department of Marketing and International Business Receives Best Paper Award

Dr. Shawn Thelen
Dr. Shawn Thelen

 Dr. Shawn Thelen, associate professor, received the 2010 Best Paper of the Year honors by Marketing Education Review for his article Three Dichotomies of Marketing Academics, published in Marketing Education Review (Summer, pp. 125-136). The paper was coauthored by Earl D. Honeycutt, Jr. and John B. Ford.

Student Accomplishments

Zarb Women in Business in Final Round of PSEG/NAWMBA Case Competition

Five Zarb graduate students – Ruth Franklin, Christelle Gamambaye, Adrin Mammen, Ritika Sharma and Jia Wei – advanced to the final round of the 2011 Strategy Case Competition sponsored by PSEG and the National Association of Women M.B.A.s. The team will present their case study on March 24, 2011 at PSEG headquarters in New Jersey.

Zarb Students Compete in Prestigious NYSSA Competition

Mark Valery, Kenneth Jones, Alena Ulanchyk, Tara Debono and Jadaman Grewal
Mark Valery, Kenneth Jones, Alena Ulanchyk,
Tara Debono and Jadaman Grewal

Students Mark Valery, Kenneth Jones, Alena Ulanchyk, Tara Debono and Jagdaman Grewal represented the Zarb School at the 2011 NYSSA case study competition. Barry Sine, of Capstone Investments, served as the team’s Wall Street adviser and Edward Zychowicz, professor of finance, as the academic adviser. The 10th Global Investment Research Challenge is sponsored by the New York Society of Security Analysts. It is a team-based, six-month competition among the top 16 business schools from the northeast, including Columbia, New York University, Yale and Binghamton. In this competition, leading industry professionals teach business and finance students how to research and report on publically traded companies. Based on their research report and presentation, the winning team advances to the CFA Global Challenge to compete against teams from across the world.

Zarb School Hosts Second Annual Entrepreneurship Challenge With Capital One Bank

 Zarb entrepreneurship students with Capital One bankers and Andrew Corrado (front row; second from right) and Dean Socci (front row; first on right)
Zarb entrepreneurship students with Capital One bankers and
Andrew Corrado (front row; second from right) and Dean Socci
(front row; first on right)

The Zarb School, Capital One Bank and Uniondale High School joined forces for the second annual Capital One Campus Entrepreneurship Challenge at Hofstra University. Students presented their business plans to Capital One bankers, who served as judges, and Hofstra faculty and administrators. This innovative program links undergraduate students from Zarb’s new business venture course with “junior associates” from Uniondale High School’s chapter of the DECA business club. Capital one bankers serve as advisers to three teams of Hofstra students, who will in turn advise three Uniondale High School teams. Each student group was given seed capital to develop, launch, run and grow a business from Capital One.

Hofstra Students Participate in Real Estate @ Work Internship Program

Ten Hofstra students participated in the Real Estate @ Work Information program in fall 2010.  The program is sponsored by the Long Island Real Estate Development Group (LIREG). First offered in fall 2009, the program is growing and will run again in fall 2011.   

The Real Estate @ Work program is designed to expose students to the many facets of the real estate business as they prepare for their careers. Applicants accepted into the program are given the opportunity to visit six real estate companies with offices on Long Island.

Zarb Graduate Student Ya Song Awarded the Kraft Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Marketing

Ya Song
Ya Song

Ya Song, a first-year student in the Zarb full-time day M.B.A. program, was awarded the prestigious Kraft Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Marketing. Sponsored by Kraft Foods, the scholarship is an incentive program open to all full-time M.B.A. students enrolled in the marketing management course at the Zarb School. A second Kraft Award will be presented at the end of the spring semester to the top graduating marketing student in the full-time M.B.A. program.

Zarb Marketing Students Named Semifinalists in the American Marketing Association Case Competition

An eight-member team from the Zarb School of Business was named a semifinalist in the American Marketing Association Case Competition, placing in the top 14 of the 54 schools that participated.  Dr. Rick Wilson, assistant professor of marketing and international business, served as faculty adviser. Sixty-four schools across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico submitted marketing plans for Nintendo. The aim of the project was to convert “non-gamers” into Nintendo video game players.  Congratulations to the team members, including Nicole Bazzinotti, Dennis Chang, Laura Clemente, Devin McDonnell, Heather McTivish-Perez, Parks Middleton, Alex Petraglia and Jonathan Puglisi.


Zarb Graduate Students Participate in Derivatives Course at The Rotterdam School of Management


Six graduate finance students from the Zarb School successfully completed an intensive, advanced derivatives course at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) in the Netherlands during January 2011. Zarb students Xiaomeng Dai, Dante Diaz, Raj Krishnan, Jing Liu, Peter Nicolardi and Guanquing Wei studied alongside Master of Science in finance students from RSM.


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