Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zarb Students Study in China During Summer 2011

 Executive M.B.A. students in China
Executive M.B.A. students in China
Executive M.B.A. students in China
Executive M.B.A. students in China
Executive M.B.A. students in China
Executive M.B.A. students in China
Executive M.B.A. students in China
Executive M.B.A. students in China
Executive M.B.A. students in China
Executive M.B.A. students in China
 M.B.A students in China
M.B.A students in China
M.B.A students in China
M.B.A students in China
 M.B.A students in China
M.B.A students in China

The Hofstra in Beijing and Shanghai program continues to be one of the most successful study abroad experiences offered at the Zarb School of Business. During the Summer 2011 Hofstra in Beijing and Shanghai program, ten Zarb School MBA students visited Beijing Hyundai Motor (an equally-owned joint venture between the South Korea company and Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. Ltd), China National Technology Import and Export Corporation, Synthes (Suzhou) Medical Co., Ltd. (a leading orthopedic equipment maker in the world from Switzerland), and the University of International Business and Economics (a leading university in Beijing). In addition, the program participants also visited numerous cultural venues and attended shows in four Chinese cities during the intensive two-week period (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Suzhou).

"This trip offered a great opportunity for Hofstra students to observe how businesses operate in China, the world's most populous country. The Zarb School's study abroad program helps enrich students' learning at Hofstra, broaden their perspectives about global business, and prepare them to better take advantage of opportunities and face challenges in their future careers," commented Dr. Yong Zhang, professor of marketing and international business and the program director.

During July 2011, Hofstra Executive MBA students visited China and Thailand as part of their international management practicum. While in Beijing, they visited the American Chamber of Commerce in China, Google China, GL Garrad Hassan China (a wind energy company), and Jun He Law Offices. In Bangkok, they visited Ford Thailand and Hutchison Laemchabang Terminal Limited. The students also visited cultural venues and attended shows. All participants agreed that this trip enhanced their knowledge about the nature of global business in the region, and enabled them to develop a deeper understanding of the cultures and people of both China and Thailand.


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